Designed to Move | Common Compensation Patterns

Apr 17 , 2021


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Designed to Move | Common Compensation Patterns


The basis for most compensation patterns start out from inefficient upright movement (walking and running). How we stand and walk for extended periods of time can create foot problems, especially in the arch, because of hard, flat surfaces and unsupportive shoes. When the arch is flattened, it forces the foot to turn inward. This can lead to issues with the calves, leg, and hips through an exaggerated sway from side to side. As a result, lumbo-pelvic instability occurs, which may lead to tightness and pain from the lower back up through the neck region.

This means that compensation patterns are very common in the key areas that help with upright movement: ankles, legs, hips, trunk, shoulders, and the head. We will be going over most common compensation patterns associated with these areas within the next few weeks.



How Do You Fix Compensation Movement Patterns?

To address common compensation movement patterns, it is important to stabilize the core and the arch of the foot. We would recommend the following exercises to help build a stronger foundation:

  • Release – erectors, TFL, quads, calves
  • Activation – 3D breathing
  • Stability – hip press, abduction/abduction

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