Fluid Health & Fitness, Inc is a privately owned Physical Therapy and Wellness Company founded in 2017. We offer both physical therapy and functional wellness pathways. Before you begin to work with one of our doctors of physical therapy, corrective exercise specialists or registered dietitians, you will first need to complete a discovery call with one of our member care coordinators. They will guide you through a simple intake process which includes the completion of a health history questionnaire. 


During your onboarding you will work with your member care coordinator to determine which path of care is best suited for you. If you're being seen for an injury or are trying to manage pain, you’ll first meet with one of our physical therapists. If you are trying to improve your movement quality, prevent injuries from happening or improve your health, you will meet with one of our movement specialists. 


Whichever path is chosen your program will include:

  • A comprehensive movement assessment -  we make sure to assess your whole body not just your areas of pain. 
  • Movement education - we include education modules (we call it movement literacy) on optimal human posture, joint mechanics and overall movement quality. 
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Guidance  -  we assess all contributing factors including metabolic health and autoimmune relationships when determining your path to wellness. 

It’s through the combination of these elements that Fluid Health & Fitness is able to stand out against its competition and provide you with premium care and the best possible functional outcomes. Most if not all of our physical therapy patients transition into the functional wellness pathway once they are discharged from care.

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