Ryan Maxwell, CPT, CES

Founder - Fluid Health & Fitness, National Presenter & Master Trainer (US Armed Forces, Mayo Clinic, YMCA - Sports Ready Youth Programming, Lifetime Fitness, Anytime Fitness), National Academy of Sports Medicine continuing education provider, Celebrity trainer (Jillian Michaels’ “Bodyshred”)

Growing up, I lived in a household where my parents and extended family struggled with obesity, metabolic and sociological diseases. We went to coaches, counselors, and therapists looking for guidance on how to get our health under control. I realized that while these individuals had good intentions, there was always something missing. One would focus on diet but give little advice about exercise. Another would give lifestyle and emotional support but disregard movement. The net result was more confusion and frustration than achieving meaningful change. I realized then that to be truly successful, a person needed to have multiple coaches who all worked together. But who had the time or money for that? We certainly didn’t.

That’s why my vision for Fluid Health and Fitness was born from the need to deliver what the health and wellness industry was lacking: a system that considers and balances all of the elements of health and wellness in a way that fits into your lifestyle. One that meets you where you are at: not where we want you to be. And one that teaches you how your body really works.

Advisory Boards & Associations

*St Paul College of MN

*Northwestern Health Sciences, Sweere Medical Group

Licenses & Certifications

•National Academy of Sports Medicine:

*Certified Personal Trainer

*Corrective Exercise Specialist

*Cardio-Respiratory Specialist

*Integrated Core, Balance, Resistance & Plyometric Specialist

•American College of Sports Medicine Cancer Exercise Training

•FMT Basic & Advanced •Kinesiology Taping 

•American College of Exercise Group Fitness Instructor

•Silver Sneakers Senior Fitness Foundation Certified

•Lavalle Institute/LTF Metabolic Technician

•Precision Nutrition - NP1

•Theragun Practitioner Course

Margie Nelson, PT, DPT

I am a physical therapist that is dedicated to helping clients increase their activity level and return to an active lifestyle without pain or limitations. I became interested in physical therapy because I saw it as a way to combine my interests in understanding how the body moves and helping people work towards their goals of staying active. I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Minnesota in 2005 and my undergraduate degree in Biology from Saint Olaf College in 2001.  

I enjoy partnering with clients to create a treatment program that addresses their specific goals and needs.  My treatment approach includes manual therapy to address joint mechanics, strengthening exercises to address muscular imbalances and neuromuscular reeducation to improve movement quality.  I am trained in a specialized manual therapy technique that facilitates normal movement at the joint level which helps to decrease the tension on the tissue to facilitate recovery.  

I am a lifelong endurance athlete and have been competing in local ski marathons and running races for over 20 years.  I am an active member of the Nordic ski community, coaching athletes since 2001.  I currently coach adult athletes with Endurance United as they train for the Birkie and other local ski events. 

Debbie Jung, PT

I am a physical therapist committed to helping each patient optimize their function and return to the activities they love. I have advanced training and specialize in the science of postural restoration. It is a global approach that assesses and restores a patient’s faulty mechanical patterns that lead to the true underlying cause of tissue injury, pain, and loss of function.  This is achieved by evaluating the entire body, not just the primary injury. This method focuses on retraining muscles in specific body positions, along with utilizing the diaphragm to assist with alignment to restore function. I am also passionate about empowering each patient with self-confidence towards their outlook on their health and well-being and assisting them in becoming the best version of themselves. 

Licenses & Certifications

•Bachelors of Physical Therapy- University of North Dakota

•Masters of Physical Therapy- University of North Dakota

•Orthopedic Manual Therapy Residency Program - Kaiser Permanente

•Mulligan Technique

•Postural Restoration

•Maitland- spinal mobilization training

•Orthopedics: non-surgical and surgical sports rehab

Austin Moore, PT, DPT

I did my undergraduate at Drake University and recieved my clinical doctorate of physical therapy from the University of Minnesota. I have also earned my credentials as a certified strength and conditioning specialist.  


Licenses & Certifications

•Clinical doctorate of Physical Therapy - UMN

•Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist - National Strength & Conditioning Association

•Foundations in Dry Needling for orthopedic rehab and Sports Performance (SFDN1) Structure & Function

•itelist Golf Performance Pro Certified

•MT Basic & Advanced Kinesiology Taping


Jen Sletten, RDN

Jen is a Registered Dietitian and for 25 plus years, she has worked with over 10,000 nutrition clients individually and has taught over 1,000 classes.  Her approach is compassionate, realistic, and motivating.   She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and also participates in the Academy’s Integrative and Functional Nutrition Group.  Jen also has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and uses those skills to motivate and encourage her clients to reach their health goals.  She is skillful at helping her clients reach a healthier weight (especially those who have attempted other ways unsuccessfully). Jen loves coaching those towards disease prevention and optimal health while making sure her clients utilize the needed nutrients for vitality and energy.

Licenses & Certifications

• Integrative and Functional Nutrition - Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

• Masters in Counseling Psychology - St Mary's University of Minnesota

Bob Fleischman, CPT, CES

Bob brings his life experiences to each class that he teaches. He understands change and how to incorporate health into everyday life. He completed studies in the Sports & Exercise Program at St Paul College, and has added a 200 hour Yoga instructor certificate as well.

Licenses & Certifications

National Academy of Sports Medicine

• Certified Personal Trainer

• Corrective Exercise Specialist

• Theragun Practitioner Course

Russ Davies CPT, CES

Russ is a Business Professional and Certified Personal Trainer. Russ is a medical device industry professional who holds senior leadership and advisory roles in several medical device companies. He is a mechanical engineer by training and holds an MBA from the Open Business School in the United Kingdom. He earned his personal fitness certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and applies his extensive knowledge and experience from his medical device background into personal fitness training.


Advisory Boards

St Cloud State University



Licenses & Certifications

Masters of Business Administration - Open Business School of the United Kingdom

•National Academy of Sports Medicine:

*Certified Personal Trainer

*Corrective Exercise Specialist

*Weight Loss Specialist

*Senior Fitness Specialist

*Mental Toughness Training

•Silver Sneakers Senior Fitness Foundation Certified

•American College of Sports Medicine Cancer Exercise Training

•Theragun Practitioner Course


Mission Statement: To use my time, skills, abilities and experience to help businesses grow, help people live a better life, develop myself to be better every day, and leave the world a better place. To be the exception.


Stephen Wilson CSMT

Hi, my name is Stephen Wilson. I graduated with my sports massage therapist certificate from Saint Paul College. My passion is to help my clients in any way I can. I integrate many techniques, such as scraping, cupping, and working with the fascia lines within the muscle tissue, to help restore the body’s functional movement.


Licenses & Certifications

• Massage & Bodywork Specialist - Saint Paul College of Minnesota