As humans, we are notorious for pushing through our pain for the sake of productivity or for the joy of getting to do something we love, like sports. How we move through daily activities, overtime can cause our bodies to break down.

According to Columbia Department of Neurology, “Repetitive motion injuries, also called repetitive stress injuries, are temporary or permanent injuries to muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons caused by performing the same motion over and over again.”

Often, we develop poor postures and movement patterns that warp how we’re naturally meant to move. The cumulative effect of this damages our joints and connective tissues. Fluid Health & Fitness, is a one-of-a-kind movement management system, that teaches individuals optimal kinesiology to fully rehab their injury cycles.

While your body is complex, understanding how to care for it doesn’t have to be. To remain healthy, you must stay in motion. To stay in motion, you must move correctly. Fluid Health & Fitness will train you to move with greater precision to prevent, avoid, or reduce injury. 

From Disease to Empowerment

When Ryan Maxwell, one of the founders of Fluid Health & Fitness, was growing up, his parents had metabolic disease and type 2 diabetes. Two of his family members had gastric bypass surgery. Much of the challenge for them to be able to get their arms around the problem was that there wasn’t a standardized process that looked at all of the components together. Getting conflicting advice, with a focus on losing weight before understanding the mechanics of their bodies, led to dismay and a feeling of defeat.


Perhaps the most essential component for Ryan in starting Fluid, was equipping people with knowledge about their bodies and agency in how to diagnose a problem and work on a solution. He said, “It’s one thing to know how to drive a car, but it’s fundamentally different from understanding a combustion engine. With a body, if you can’t sense or feel it because you don’t know what you’re looking for, then you won’t be able to fix it.”

Self-efficacy is self-empowerment 

“You have one machine that is your body that you have for your whole life.” You should know how to use it and optimize its health, before addressing the aesthetics of performance. Without context through education there isn’t belief. Members should have context for why they’re improving so they are able to replicate those results.


By studying the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement, Fluid Health & Fitness has created an automated system of staged movement observations at set intervals to provide a concise, replicable, and scalable methodology for advancing members’ movement and metabolic health.


Fluid Health & Fitness exclusive functional movement screen assesses quality of movement in six key areas of a member’s body. These areas are graded and assigned specific strength exercises based on one’s ability to balance, transition, and dynamically integrate the movements into everyday activities. It’s essential to get to the why members are exhibiting certain symptoms. Fluid is committed to meet a person where they are and not where they want them to be. Each of our joints is supposed to maintain a center of balance where all the muscles are working together in tensegrity, like two rubber bands pulling on a pole. We all have movement biases that in effect make one rubber band shorter; the unused muscle absorbed. The goal is to protect joints and not break them down. 

Working with doctors of physical therapy and nationally-accredited corrective exercise specialists, members are guided through nine progressively more challenging levels of exercise programming. Fluid’s system progresses members through exercises which focus on basic injury prevention, all the way up to sport and athletic performance.

Maxwell said, “We take complex movement and break it down into its component parts that can be addressed one at a time. We then teach our clients how to put the pieces together in the correct way.”Functioning at one’s best starts with bringing one’s body into balance, which helps to alleviate and prevent injury, lose weight, increase fitness levels, and improve one’s life. It reinstills hope when members start to see results.

Breaking Long-Term Patterns

When dealing with long-term injury patterns, it’s common for individuals to feel defeated. Searching for a lasting solution that actually restores quality life and gives back autonomous movement can seem elusive.

This is because traditional interventions have often been aimed at symptomatic relief, ignoring the cause of tissue irritation or damage. As a result, managing injury patterns has  proven difficult, as the diagnosis is often based on symptomatic reporting, rather than objective testing. The majority of injury cycles and dysfunction are the result of cumulative small traumas caused by poor posture, inability to stabilize the body, and inefficient movement patterns that overwork certain body parts while neglecting others. Fluid’s approach looks at the entire body and the interdependencies that exist between all the joints and the environment we live in. 


If you are not able to book an appointment at our Minnesota location, Fluid Health & Fitness offers a virtual experience complete with physical therapy, custom training, mobility coaching, metabolic conditioning, nutrition management tools, and social support with professionals who care about their clients as whole people.

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