Poor flexibility and mobility can lead to impaired posture, muscle strains, chronic pain and many other pathologies. Whether you are looking to improve sports performance, reduce muscle and joint pain, increase range of motion, improve posture or reduce stress the benefits of assisted stretching are enormous. 

That is why in addition to traditional rehabilitation and exercise services, we also offer private assisted stretching sessions as well as group mobility formats. 

Our stretching and mobility techniques are effective for people of every level. We provide members with a means to enhance their performance by identifying and releasing muscle and fascial restrictions that reduce their performance. 

At Fluid we conduct a biomechanical assessment on every member, looking at their posture and movement quality. During the biomechanical assessment and the subsequent mobility sessions, we continually:

Evaluate posture, motion and gaitIdentify biomechanical dysfunctions that restrict function and performanceLocate soft tissue structures that are the primary cause of the biomechanical dysfunction as well as affected structures throughout the kinetic chainTreats soft tissue dysfunctions with mobility techniques to restore full function to the affected structures

Stretching and mobility techniques are applied after trauma based injuries have resolved. Our programs concentrate on removing restrictions that inhibit full range of motion, and restore full function and performance to affected soft tissues. This process can result in significant increases in function, strength, power and sports performance. 

What techniques do we teach?

Our techniques include active, static, dynamic and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching. By combining some of these advanced techniques, we are able to utilize the nervous system to help improve both flexibility and mobility in the musculoskeletal system for much faster results than typical static stretching

We offer patient education in the following self-mobilization tools:

• Foam roller

• Lacrosse ball

• Theracane

• Fluid foam core ball

• Stretch strap

• Resistance band

• Stick 

• Band assisted self administered joint mobilization

• Percussion Massager 

Take the hassle out of stretching and prevent serious injury by coming in for a session with one of our mobility experts. To learn more about our Mobility programs call 1-844-358-4343, email us at admin@fluidhealthandfitness.com, or send us a message.