Mar 23 , 2021

Fluid Fitness



Asking questions often hold the key to acquiring knowledge and exploration. Little children use this tool with an unabashed freedom.  However, as we grow up, our minds get filled with experiences and expectations about how things are, how they should be, or how we want them to be. We can fall into the fear of looking ignorant, the fear of the unknown, or worse yet, the illusion of “knowing almost everything” because we do not want to face judgement or a threat to our perceptions.


Adding Perspective

The thing is that the world is vast and ever-evolving so some of the things that we knew to be true in the past may turn out to be false with new scientific discoveries and personal experiences. Ironically, the more we use the tool of seeking knowledge, the quicker we can process the things that may be fueling our fears and move on with life because the anticipation of possibilities just works to ramp up the momentary feelings of embarrassment, confusion, and self-consciousness. Even if the information is negative it usually affords you options to deal with issue as opposed to staying in the dark and potentially jumping to conclusions.


Thoughts for the Week

So, the next time that you have a question nagging at you, don’t be afraid to ask or look up the answer. Chances are, it has been asked by many before you and you might just learn something that might be of value to you later on.