Designed to Move | Hyperinflation

Apr 17 , 2021


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Designed to Move | Hyperinflation



What Is Hyperinflation?

Hyperinflation refers to the condition where the rib cage is in a sustained expanded position due to shallow and restricted breathing mechanics. Moreover, then, the muscles of the chest and neck areas become so tight that it makes it difficult to fully exhale through the lungs.


How Does This Happen?

Bad posture and slouching, along with certain conditions can cause the thoracic area to become locked up and narrow the airflow through the lungs. In order to breathe efficiently, is important to open up the chest area allow big breaths in and big breaths out.



Signs of Hyperinflation

  • Shallow breathing/shortness of breath
  • Difficulty with relaxing muscles and the body
  • Restriction of movement in the chest and trunk areas


How Do You Fix It?

To address hyperinflation, it is important to stabilize the neck and chest. We would recommend the following exercises:

  • Release - Hamstrings & Pec Minor
  • Activate - TVA - Isometric Lumbar Flexion – Supine
  • Integrate - Single Leg Balance w/thoracic rotation focus
  • Strengthen - Abdominals - Supine Contralateral Crunch


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